Programming & Website Design
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As a certified Coldfusion developer, I find that almost all of my work is done behind the scenes. Some could assume that building an eye-catching portfolio might be a bit difficult using SQL statements and logic operators. However, I find comfort in knowing that, even though much of my work may go unnoticed, building a quality backend coupled with a solid UI is what brings customers back to a website time and again.

For additional details of experience, check out my online resume.
Over the years I have been asked to complete a wide range of tasks to meet my clients diverse needs. From such experience, I am versatile with Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, and Acrobat. I have also used Swift 3D, a 3D modeling and animation software marketed towards flash animations for the web.
recent work
Sr. Coldfusion developer for Equator's EQ Workstation.
Coldfusion developer for SI's StageOne™ platform.
Web Producer for Lilly's website & email campaigns.
Webmaster for an online business directory.